Financial Analysis & Valuations

As a full-service investment sales brokerage firm Axxis understands that accurate and reliable financial analyses are critical for successful real estate investment. This is why we provide our clients with critical upfront thinking to make valuation and pricing recommendations, including comparable market studies, cash flow analysis, internal rate of return projections, operating statement analysis, and development scenarios.

Using industry-leading technology and proven discovery processes our asset evaluation services will provide you with a thorough analysis of any investment property. Combining a complete financial report with the most up to date market data, our valuation will help you establish the real market value of a property.

Our financial analysis and valuation services include:

Investment Analysis – Use cash flow analysis for five and ten years, before and after tax to understand the actual value of an investment opportunity.

Financial Analysis – Measure tax impacts and leverage on all phases of investment and calculation of ROI, so investment decisions are based on facts.

Comparative Lease Analysis – Compare lease options side-by-side from either the landlord or tenant perspective.

Lease vs. Own Analysis – Understand the Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value Methods to find the best solution for your business.

Loan Amount Analysis – Define how variables impact a loan through analysis of Debt Service Coverage Ratio and Loan to Value ratios.

Target CAP Rate Analysis – Demonstrate the difference between the property’s acquisition CAP rate and the actual returns on the investment.

Hold vs. Disposition Analysis – Know with certainty when it’s time to re-disposition a property for maximum value and return.

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