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Finding investment grade properties or portfolios takes well-honed market understanding and personalized attention, to match opportunities with investors. To do this, Axxis combines technology-driven transaction solutions with capital markets expertise to create customized solutions for our clients.

Commercial real estate buyers and sellers can trust that we’ll use the most advanced valuation and pricing models to ensure that investments are based on solid financial footings. You’ll rest comfortably knowing that the transaction has been optimized for performance.

Experienced in all property types, we advise investors ranging from private individuals to institutions. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Deliver top-tier solutions to bring investors into the real estate holdings market or help them divest assets or portfolios.
  • By sharing fees and exposing our listings to the entire brokerage community, we enable all buyers to compete on a level playing field while maximizing exposure for our client’s properties.
  • Proprietary marketing process exposes investment properties to the highest number of qualified buyers.
  • For sellers that require discretion or want to appeal to buyers who don’t want to compete with the open market, we specialize in off-market transactions that keep property exposure to a minimum and ensure full value.
  • Our commitment to each investor encompasses your acquisition and any associated fiduciary elements like recapitalization, underwriting, and equity placements.

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